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Our company specializes in applying environmentally friendly practices and products to everyday construction, renovations, land reclamation and landscaping needs for the Government, Commercial and Residential sectors in Alberta.

We specialize in larger acreage's, parks, oil and gas facilities and other large commercial lawns in urban, rural or remote locations in south or central Alberta. Red Deer, Calgary, Olds, Sundre, Caroline, Didsbury, Airdrie and many other locations.

We also provide Alberta and Federal government approved native grass, forage or wildflower seed blends for use in land
reclamation , recreation areas and parks.


Cutting edge soil treatment for clay soils

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Clay soil can make lawn care and gardening absolute hell.

If you need your clay based soil treated for planting grass whether in a
new yard or an old yard, We can turn that hard, lumpy concrete like soil into a softer loam using our state-of-the-art clay soil treatment.

First a quick explanation if what clay is and why it is such a problem for lawns and gardens read the information below.

The bottom line is that here in Alberta we are stuck with clay soils due to our geologic past. Much of south and central Alberta is an ancient sea bed.

The sea floor was made up of fine silt, sediments and of course a lot of sea salt. Over time this dried up sea floor sediment became clay. Clay is made up
from super fine particles of silt that are formed like platelets
(tiny smooth disk shaped pieces of aluminum silicate)
this fine material is ideal for making a concrete like soil matrix.

These microscopic platelets are held together with an electrical charge from the highly charged sodium chloride ions in the salt. The fine particles are held together tightly by this charge and when water is added it increases the binding effect.
The water is held in a tight layer between the platelets and act as a lubricant
which make it both slimy slick and sticky at the same time.

In order to make the clay less sticky when wet and hard as concrete when dry,
the electrical structure within the clay must be altered before it will loosen up
it's binding action.

There are many factors at play here, but in order to simplify the explanation, we'll focus on the salt in the soil. The salt (sodium chloride) must be broken down and the electrical charge dispersed before the clay can loosen. Our Clay Doctor process involves the use of a very strongly charged chemical ion compound dissolved in water. This compound has the exact opposite electrical charge as the sodium compound holding the clay together.

The strongly charged ion is introduced into the soil in a solution that immediately attacks the sodium molecules and break it apart. This action causes the clay platelets to relax or fall away from each other.

Many elements and molecules, including fertilizer components like NH4, K+, Ca++ and Mg++ are readily bound to the clay platelet. This makes them unavailable to plants. The molecules are held to the platelet by forces weaker than forces associated with ionization.

After the clay modification process is complete, both air and water can penetrate the soil. Soil Nutrients and minerals become more "bioavailable" so the plants can use them and thrive.

Also ideal for problem drainage areas, septic fields and areas prone to flooding
due to poor drainage. This stuff will fix your ailing septic field as well.

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Approved for use in both the USA and Canada

Our product works very fast and is economical as well as very easy to apply.

Contact : Pierce Achtymichuk for more information

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Email : ecograss@mac.com


Toll Free 1-877-894-9378 - Direct Dial 1-403-638-8090
Email : ecograss@mac.com

Hydro Seeding - Hydroseeding - hydro seeding - hydroseeding - hydromulching - Hydromulching
Hydroseeding is fast becoming the popular standard for new lawns. We are able to use more dry condition tolerant grass species. The spray-on mulch consists of Grass seed, fertilizer and moisture holding fibre that's speeds up growth by a larger factor than hand seeding.

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