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Eco Grass

Little or No
Mowing Maintenance

Drought Tolerant

Disease & Pest Resistant

Reduces Weed Infestations

Requires little if any watering
or fertilizing,

Requires a lot less water than typical sod grasses

Fantastic on steep hillsides,
septic fields and sub division boulevards

Salt tolerant
(ideal for areas near streets where winter ice control salting spreading occurs)

Ideal for larger acreages where maintenance time is an issue.

We can hydro seed or mechanically seed this blend.

Hate you old ugly, tired or weed infested lawn....

We can also "oversow" existing lawns with our top dresser, the new more vigorous and aggressive Eco grass will replace the older grass

Thrives in full sun or partial shade

Is your lawn making
you Sick ?

In a word ..Yes . Traditional lawn care is making people sick.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about 80 million U.S. households dump nearly 90 million pounds of herbicides and pesticides on lawns in a year. In fact, lawn care is as much of a danger to our health and the environment as conventional agriculture is.

It also Estimated that The typical American lawn sucks up 10,000 gallons of supplemental water (non-rainwater) annually. Canada is no different.

Most of these issues can be traced back to the extensive use of sod (Blue Grasses) with it's short root system and voracious need for fertilizers and herbicides

...Eco Grass does not have these high maintainace requirements and makes a superb lawn.

If you are starting a new lawn or need your old replaced consider using one of our many blends of low maintainance lawns or Eco grasses.


Mistaya Land & Water
Lawn or Turf Seeding & Hydroseeding Installation Service

Eco-Friendly Low Mow or No Mow
Grass Blend

The ultimate low maintenance lawn

Specially Blended for the lowest maintenance
and easy on the environment.

Mistaya Land has been seeding and installing Eco Grass lawns on Acreages, city yards, commercial properties, Parks and sport fields for over a Decade with great results.

This low maintenance "No Mow" turf mix primarily contains 6 types of rugged and fine fescue seeds and some hardy native short grasses, with no fussy, high maintenance water loving blue grasses

For some people it may be appealing that with an Eco friendly lawn you will spend less time mowing your lawn - once a month rather than weekly.

Our ecologically friendly lawn blend is the ultimate low maintenance lawn. This specially designed blend of six or more fine fescue grasses, grows to form a dense turf on loam, well drained clay and even in infertile, dry soils!

Eco-Grass thrives in full sun, part shade and even in deep shade conditions!

Eco-Grass reduces your maintenance time and costs . . . with Eco-Grass you don't have to mow, water, fertilize or aerate . . . saving you time and money and helping to create a healthier environment

This Eco Grass blend is a high quality proven product unlike the poor blends you get in most garden centres. Those retails blends are made to cover the widest range of conditions possible so they can be sold anywhere, this results in a blend that is often wrong for your application and often has been sitting on a shelf or warehouse for many years.

Reduce your mowing time or don't mow at all!

Eco-Grass while quick to germinate, is a very slow growing grass that has a fine textured, dense, low-growing habit, so you don't have to mow it if you don't want to! Left unmown, over the course of a full growing season, Eco-Grass blades will grow to about 9 inches long, but because the blades of Eco-Grass are so fine, it falls over to about a 4 inch height creating Eco-Grass's gentle, flowing carpet-like appearance. If you prefer a more 'cropped lawn look', occasional mowing will be necessary. Mow Eco-Grass no more than once a month to a height of 3 to 4 inches for a classic lawn look.

Drought Tolerant

Eco-Grass produces grass blades that are very thin and thus don't require the amount of water that typical, thick bladed lawn grasses demand. Eco-Grass also creates roots that grow deep into the ground, so Eco-Grass can seek out needed nutrients and water naturally, thus eliminating the need for watering. Eco-Grass is perfect for areas where water conservation is important and is excellent for establishing new lawns, erosion buffers and bank stabilization.

No fertilizers or chemicals required!

Eco-Grass, unlike traditional turf grasses, creates a deep root system. It will make roots up to 9 inches (22.86 cm) deep in hard pan clay soils and up to 14 inches (35.56 cm) deep in sandy soils! These deep root systems enable Eco-Grass to naturally source the nutrients it requires from the soil so you don't need to add chemical fertilizers!


For new lawns or fix your old existing worn out lawn

This product can be hydroseeded (hydro seeded) or mechanically seeded or oversown (overseeded ) by top dressing with an organic fertilzer-compost-grass seed mixture.

We also use a proprietary liquid soil/compost matrix that can be applied over existing lawns. The process yields very good results even on 50 year old lawns. The liquid soil is basically a "stew" of organic mass, nutrients and other soil components that complete revitalize old lawns. We can also apply this mixture on top of bare clay and even sand with good results if top soil is not available or simply too expensive to consider.

When this process is done with existing lawns the new more aggressive Eco-Grass fescues and native grasses will gradually replace the current lawn and change the grass type over to eco grass.

This is particularly effective for older worn out lawns and can usually be done with a single application.

For larger areas like acreages, sports fields and commercial properties we have economical ways of reseeding into the older existing lawns. We see many dry looking acreage mature lawns that can be revitalized into a more vibrant and lower maintenance Eco Grass lawn and can also fix the soil and benefit your trees.

Dog Damaged Lawns - we have the solution !

If you have dogs, this grass blend is ideal, sod grass lawns are virtually zero salt tolerant, while eco grass is very salt tolerant. It is the salt and ammonia in the dogs urine that builds up in the soil until it becomes infertile.

A simple application of our Dog Spot Eliminator version of Clay Doctor will neutralize the salt and attenuate the excess nitrogen from the ammonia, now your soil has been fixed, our treatment process will replace your lawn at the same time with Eco Grass for as much more dog tolerant lawn.

Please read our article on do-it-yourself repair of dog damaged lawns or our programs for Mistaya Land & Water to come and replace your old tired or dog damaged lawn. click here or go to www.needanewlawn.ca/dogdamagedlawns.htm

Custom Blended Eco Grass Variations

This product can be custom blended for slight variations such as addition of specific native grasses or blended for use in warmer climates outside of zones on the map below.

Please inquire for your unique needs or application



Price and Availability


We are a service and installation company, not a retail operation. We do not sell small quantities of this seed for DIY operations. We developed this product for our hydroseeding and other seeding service clients.

We will sell to landscapers, farmers and acreage owners and other locals in full 50 KG sacks only. inquire directly and each case will be considered based on location and timing. We are in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton on a regular basis with our service vehicles and often drop off the sacks in those places.

Shipping full sacks over distances from
Alberta is costly in Canada

USA - Please buy your seed from
(low mow grass)


We offer good service and advice. We will process and ship your order within a day or two of order placement.

Application Rate :

Plan on using about:

4 to 5 lbs per 1000 square feet
2-3 Kg per 100 square Metres

220 lbs per acre as a minimum to get good results.
(4 x 25 Kg sacks )

This seed blend is very fine and covers a lot of area. Seedling density should be higher for quicker results, plan on a minimum of 2-3 kg per thousand sq feet for adequate seedling density, more seed per square foot will give a higher density and you should have an adequate lawn within 6-8 weeks depending on weather and watering.

" No Mow" is a cool season turf mix and is recommended for planting in the regions shown in dark green on the map below.

Prairie Nursery has another special hot climate blend available as well for the zones below the dark green area in the southern states. There are two varieties in that mix; one for dry areas and one for wetter areas.

Both of these mixtures will provide lower maintenance and for dryer areas more drought tolerance.

Contact Prairie Nursery direct for more info



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