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Our company specializes in applying environmentally friendly practices and products to everyday construction, renovations, land reclamation and landscaping needs for the Government, Commercial and Residential sectors in Alberta.

We specialize in larger acreage's, parks, oil and gas facilities and other large commercial lawns in urban, rural or remote locations in south or central Alberta. Red Deer, Calgary, Olds, Sundre, Caroline, Didsbury, Airdrie and many other locations.

We also provide Alberta and Federal government approved native grass, forage or wildflower seed blends for use in land reclamation , recreation areas and parks.


OrganiGuard Orange

Organic Orange Peel Extract Based
Fly Repellent, Killer and Control

D-Limonene (orange peel extract) organic fly killer and repellent.

Kills on Contact

May be used around Food, Humans, and Pets

Fresh Citrus Scent


Fully Organic & Natural Product

Excellent Fly and House Fly Repellent - Kills and repels fly in the house, barn or patio. Works on ants, hornets and other scent based insects.

Broad Range Contact Insecticide & Broad Range Residual Repellant
Works on ants, fire ants, roaches, fleas, silverfish, aphids, spider mites, leaf hoppers, scale insects, and other insect pests.

All ingredients generally recognized as safe by the FDA. in the USA


This product is very effective on almost all insects. All flies are easily controled, repelled or destroyed quickly. The product is 100% pet and people safe .

Simply spray OrganiGuard Orange onto areas where flies congregate, the D-Limonene (orange peel extract) which is the active ingredient will both kill the fly on contact as well as repel them from returning. The scent is very pleasent (orange) to humans but is toxic to insects.

You can spray around your doorways and windows to prevent flies form getting into the home when entering and exiting. OrganiGuard will also effectivly repel flies, mosquitos and hornets form you pation area when eating outdoors. Simply spray around the area about an hour or so ahead of time.

The spray will last a long time in areas and is easily renewed with another spritz when required.

Your home could be free of flies this summer !

This product works very well in barns, stables and kennels to reduce and erradicate the flies commonly found there. We have dozens of testimonials reflecting good success from horse and dog breeders.

The orange based product can sprayed right onto horses to repel biting flies with no danger to the animal. Limonene may irritate the eys if sprayed in them but is otherwise totally harmless to the horse. The nice side effect is a horse that smells like a fresh peeled orange instead of sweat !

Available in 32 0z spray bottles or large 1 gallon concentrate.

OrganiGuard Orange Organic Pest control
1 gallon concentrate

Package of 2 x 32 ounce
spray bottles


Simply call or email us at the number below to place your order, we will call you back for a credit card number and shipping information.

Toll Free 1-877-894-9378
Office (403) 638-8090
Fax (403) 638-8092
Email : ecograss@mac.com


EPA registered product.

Contact us for more information

email : ecograss@mac.com

Contact : Pierce Achtymichuk for more information

Office (403) 638-8090
Cellular (403) 899-9663
Fax (403) 638-8092
Email : ecograss@mac.com


"Growing Naturally"
Environmentally friendly commercial and residential solutions
Toll Free 1-877-894-9378 - Direct Dial 1-403-638-8090 - Fax 1-403-638-8092
Email : ecograss@mac.com

Toll Free 1-877-894-9378 - Direct Dial 1-403-638-8090 - Fax 1-403-638-8092
Email : ecograss@mac.com

Hydro Seeding - Hydroseeding - hydro seeding - hydroseeding - hydromulching - Hydromulching
Hydroseeding is fast becoming the popular standard for new lawns. We are able to use more dry condition tolerant grass species. The spray-on mulch consists of Grass seed, fertilizer and moisture holding fibre that's speeds up growth by a larger factor than hand seeding.

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