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Clay Doctor Soil Modifier

A product line for improving and fixing common soil problems and deficiencies in Alberta and Western Canada

Our company offer a full range of services for evaluating your soil problems
and application of soil treatments and soil conditioners. We own and operate specialized equipment for application of soil conditioning products.

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Clay Doctor Soil Modifier
This is the premiere soil science treatment product for clay soils. One treatment will completely change clay soils into a softer, granular loam that holds and drain water better, has a balanced PH factor, good aeration and unlocks bound up nutrients in your soil. Click here for more info on Clay Doctor

BorreGro HA & Borreplex CA
Both Act as a
clay buster. Basic treaments will breakdown clay,
remove salt and alkali, increase drainage and build soil fertility.

TerraForm Soil Softener
High tech soil treatment.
No other soil conditioner works as long or in so many different ways. TERRA Ultra breaks up hard clay, compacted soil, and hardpan. Creates organic matter, unlocks nutrients in your soil and neutralizes pH.



Product Name
Product Description

BorreGro HA-1 provides a lot of benefits to turf in Alberta's clay soils. Deeper roots mean vastly better drought tolerance in lawns.
A lot Less water needed

BorreGro HA-1
BorreGro HA-1

is Our acid soluble Humic acid. It can be mixed with acid fertilizers such as 10-34-0 and CAN 17 where as almost all other Humic acids can not tolerate low pH blends. The advantage is that you get the Humic acid in the soil right at planting, giving lawns or crops a boost at the onset of growth. Additional applications after starter fertilizer application are also an option using either BorreGro HA-1 or LignoTech's conventional Humic acid, BorreGro HA-2.


BorrePlex CA

BorrePlex CA

is a modified Calcium lignosulfonate that can be used in soils where there is a need to additional free calcium. The additional benefits are that BorrePlex CA also provides additional carbon from the lignin portion, and also from the carbohydrate wood sugar acids to help simulate microbial growth. BorrePlex CA is also an excellent source of Sulfur and Calcium to help with soil conditioning and micronutrient active transport within the root zone. BorrePlex CA can also be blended with other fertilizers such as CAN 17 and UN 32 unlike many other soil amnedments.

Humic Acid & Humates

Why Add Humic Acid to the Soil?
It is generally recognized that soil, regardless of geographic location, must contain a minimum level of organic matter in the form of humus or humic acids. Soils with organic matter contents below these levels will not produce optimum crop yields. In Alberta, our clay soils have among the lowest amounts of organic material in North America.

One way to supplement organic matter in low humus soils is to add commercial humic acid preparations. For maximum performance, such preparations should contain effective levels of both humic and fulvic acids. Results can be seen quickly with these quality Borregaard soil amendments.


"Cutting edge soil science"

Clay Doctor Soil Modifier

Clay Doctor Humic


Clay Soil Treatments

Clay Doctor Soil Modifier - cutting edge soil science.

Clay Doctor Granular & Clay Doctor Humic Soil Treatment - Specialy blended water soluable calcium sulphate with or without Humic and Fulvic acid.

This product line is a well known and effective treatment for clay soils with high sodium content. Regular use will neutralize the soil PH, remove salt (sodium) and break down the binding effect of sodium in clay making it softer. looser and increases water rentention-penetration. It will also free up minerals and micronutrients bound up by sodium into a more bioavailable form.

Soil Flocculant

Increases water penetration into clay soils

Ultra Organic Probiotic
Soil Softener

* Aids Germination Root Development and Rapid Greening

*Effectively Aerates Soil Naturally (Flocculates) Without Noisy and Messy Mechanical "Plug" Aerators .

* Increases Water Retention and Absorption in the Soil

* Increases and Stimulates Biological Microbe and Enzyme Activity in Soil That has become Microbially Weak.

* Adds Micronutrients, Minerals and other Organic Compounds Necessary for Heathly Soil

* Increase Nutrient Uptake by Altering the Tension of Water *

* Softens Soil Hardpan and Compaction

* Reduces Chemical Fertilizer Dependency in Lawns and Plants.

* Dramatically Increases Transplanted Trees and Plants Survival Rate by Encapsulating Root System, Stimulating Root Growth and Nutrient Uptake.

$62.00 for 1 Litre Concentrate

APPLICATION RATES; Apply 1 liter in early spring and 1 liter in mid-summer at rate of 1 liter per 2000 sq. feet (185 sq. meters) for each application.

The ingredients contained in Ultra Organic Soil Softener will provide the following benefits:

SOIL SOFTENER is a patent pending formulation based on plant extracts of naturally occurring organic compounds. They have demonstrated their safety and value as effective aids to plant growth by assisting in releasing bound up soil nutrients and improving water absorption and retention capabilities.

SOIL SOFTENER has minor amounts of more than 106 minerals, vitamins, and amino acids including fulvic and humic acids.

SOIL SOFTENER properties beneficially alter the tension of water, which helps release the nutrients that are bound in the soil structure. The available moisture can move throughout the soil as needed because SOIL SOFTENER flocculates the soil and makes it more sponge like.

SOIL SOFTENER treated soils allows the water to go down to fill the soil matrix. The soil improves its water absorption capability, which is beneficial during wet and dry seasons.

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Our company offer a full range of services for evaluating your soil problemsand application of soil treatments and soil conditioners.

We own and operate specialized equipment for application of soil conditioning products.


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